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Provisions: The Roots Of Caribbean Cooking 150 Vegetarian Recipes
Rodney Parker profile pictureRodney Parker
·4 min read
Deepest Grave The: A Medieval Noir Mystery (A Crispin Guest Mystery 11)
Isaac Mitchell profile pictureIsaac Mitchell

Crispin Guest Medieval Noir: A Journey Through 14th...

In the realm of literature, where genres...

·5 min read
Discovering Prices: Auction Design In Markets With Complex Constraints (Kenneth J Arrow Lecture Series)
Chase Morris profile pictureChase Morris
·4 min read
School Leadership: Learner Centered Leadership In Times Of Crisis
Percy Bysshe Shelley profile picturePercy Bysshe Shelley
·5 min read
Punk Ain T Undead Ryan Hyatt
Deion Simmons profile pictureDeion Simmons

Punk Ain't Undead: Exploring the Legacy and Impact of...

: The Birth of a Punk Pioneer In the annals...

·4 min read

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